People Love AwesomeBox

"What a wonderful way to make someone feel like the most awesome person in the world!! My sister gave me an AwesomeBox strictly dedicated to our relationship over the years, It was so personal and one of the best gifts I've ever received. I cried on the first card, you had me at 'You Are Awesome'. Thank you so much for this product as now I have a lifetime gift."

– Cynthia A, AwesomeBox Recipient

"I love that it was extremely easy! Actually I thought it would take more time, but then when I actually did it I was like sh*t, that was really easy!! Which is cool."

– Pete D, AwesomeBox Participant

"When she looked through the cards, read all of the notes, and saw all of the pictures, she just started grinning and crying. I didn't think that she'd get so emotional, but I guess that having a bunch of her loved ones coming together to create something for her to celebrate her... had a huge impact..."

– Marquis P., AwesomeBox Host

“waoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I received the AwesomeBox this morning!!!! And I'm going over and over the cards, your friendship, your love, your smiles, your unexpected hugs and laughs.... I smiled, laughed, cried and laughed again and went back to cry and smile and... I feel alive!!!! I feel full, I feel happy. It is sparkling all over my chest and in the base of my neck just behind my head, I feel goose bumps on my skin and I'm literally melting away.”

– Hélène M., recipient, birthday AweBox

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